Hello everyone.

This is the second part of a two-part post. In the previous section, I explained how to get a Marriage License in Ontario.

In this post, I will show step by step process to apply for a Marriage certificate which is a legal document that you can use while applying for Express Entry, Permanent Residency, or any other reason you may want to.

If you want to apply for Marriage License Ontario, then follow this post.

Apply For a Marriage License in Canada

Marriage Registration Process

Once you have a marriage license, you need to find a marriage officiant near your area to perform a marriage. Now, it’s up to you if you want to do just a signature marriage or you want to do a ceremony (parties, functions, etc.). Each officiant has different prices and packages to choose from.

Who is a Marriage Officiant

A marriage officiant is a person authorized by the government who can legally perform your marriage and apply for your marriage certificate.

You can find the list of all registered marriage officiants on this link

List of Registered Marriage Officiants

From the link, you can download a file that contains the names and locations of all the marriage officiants. You are free to select and call any marriage officiant you want, but I will reference the officiant I had for my marriage for this article.

Her name is Tade  (pronounced Teddy), and this is her website


 Tade is a professional and lovely lady. We are from India and didn’t know how the whole process would go to get married in Canada. We were a bit nervous at first, but she made us feel comfortable and let us take photos. I highly recommend her.

Minimum Requirements for getting Married

As I mentioned earlier, you can have a big ceremony for your marriage if you want to, but the minimum requirements are

  • A Marriage Licence
  • 2 Witnesses ( you need two people who will witness your marriage)
  • A pen to do the signature
  • The Marriage Officiant Fee (Cash)

Book an Appointment with Marriage Officiant

Once you have searched and selected your preferred marriage officiant, you can go to their website if they have one and find the contact details or call them.

In my case, I went to the website and clicked on the services tab to see all offered services. You can read about all the services. We selected ‘Legal Paper Work Only Signing.’

Then I went to the contact tab and submitted the form with the following information: names, location, type of package, email ID, and phone number.


After this, you will get an email or a call from your officiant.

From here on, you can discuss anything you want with your officiant and fix a date and time for your marriage.

On The Day Of Marriage

Here comes your big day, keep everything ready and reach a given location on time. Your marriage officiant will get a Marriage License and fee from you. At first, both the witnesses will sign the License. Then both people getting married will sign the license. Your officiant will guide you through the whole process. Later, the marriage officiant will sign the marriage license. 

Now you are not single anymore. The marrying lady will keep the License and register your marriage. You will receive the official marriage certificate within 6-10 weeks.

The marrying Lady also provides expedite service if you don’t want to wait longer for your marriage certificate to arrive and need it early. I have used the expedite service, and I got mine within two weeks.