How to apply PCC through BLS – Step by Step

bls pcc ro Canada PR

This article explains how to apply your PCC through BLS International Services Canada Inc.

First of all, open this link to go to the BLS website

You will see a section like this with 5 tabs on top


You can follow this post if you are living in Ontario, Quebec except for areas under the Ottawa Jurisdiction, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and BLS centers are located in Toronto, Winnipeg, and Brampton.


  • PPC Application form -filled and signed (how to fill PPC form).
  • PCC Checklist -filled and signed (download later).
  • One 51mm x 51mm photo (2 inch x 2 inch).
  • Indian Passport all pages Photocopies (Original not required).
  • Work Permit or Study Permit or PR Card photocopy (pick 1).
  • Canadian Proof of Address photocopy (for example – Driver’s License, Health Card, Electricity or Phone Bill, etc.).
  • Indian Proof of Address photocopy (Only required if the address does not match the passport).
  • Application Fee (By Check if mailing the application or by Cash/Debit if submitting in person).
  • A4 Size Envelope to easily fit all the documents.
  • Signatures should be with a black pen.


At the time of writing this, the total BLC PCC application fee is $41.40

To check the current fee, go to the fees section and look for the fee table. If you are applying through the mail you need to get a Money Order for exactly $41.40 from Canada Post. 

How to get Money Order for BLS PCC
  • Go to any Canada Post Outlet and ask for Postal Money Order for $41.40
  •  Pay to name should be ‘BLS INTL SERVICES CANADA INC
  • The sender’s name will be your name.
This is how it should look like

Forms / Checklist

Now go to Forms / Checklist section on BLS website to download the checklist and fill the PPC application form.

  1. Click under the checklist section to download the checklist. Once you download it, take a printout.
  2. Now click under Police Clearance Application Form and it will take you to a new page
  3. Click on Canada from the list of given countries or go to this link Register Account

Register Account for Passport Seva

If you don’t already have an account on Passport India website you need to create one. To do that click on Register and fill the form as shown.

Once registration is complete, click on the User Login button, enter your login Id, Password and click on Login. Then, click on ‘Apply for police clearance certificate’

Fill PCC Application Form

I have created a separate post explaining step by step process to fill the Police clearance certificate (PCC) application form here

Prepare PCC Application Package

At this point, I assume that you have all the documents mentioned in the Requirements section above. It is time to put them in the envelope. You can buy the envelope from stores like Walmart, Staples, or Dollarama.

You already have a printout of your Checklist. See if you have all the documents mentioned on the checklist and make sure to Tick Mark all the items with a black pen on the Checklist. Also, do your signature on the first and second page of the Checklist

Place all the documents in the envelope including the Money Order if you are submitting the application by Mail.

Your PCC Application Package is ready for Pick up 🙂

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