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How to find ARN number BLS – PCC application form

When you fill your PCC or Police clearance certificate application through BLS, you need to fill out a checklist form as shown below. In this post we will see where you can find you application ARN number bls.

If you take a look at your checklist form that you have downloaded from BLS website. It asks for name of applicant, ARN No., BLS Center, and Date.

Your need to fill this checklist and send it with your parcel. If you need help with you BLS PCC application, you can see my other posts.

How to fill PCC Application form

How to apply PCC through BLS

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is an official document issued by the police or government agency of a country, confirming the criminal record or the absence of any criminal record of the applicant. This certificate is often required when a person applies for a job or visa in another country or for various other purposes such as immigration, adoption, or residency.

arn number bls

Where to find ARN number for BLS PCC

The ARN number is just your own application number and it’s full form is application reference number. You can find at 2 places.

First, go to the Passport Seva website , where you filled you PCC application form.

Login with user email id and password as shown below.

Once you log in, you can see all the PCC applications that you have filled. You can also see the ARN number in the first column. Fill this arn number in your checklist form

If you cannot login to you PCC application portal, don’t worry you can still find your arn number. 

Once you fill out the PCC application form, you save it in your computer to take a print out. Check the first page of you application and you can find the arn number on top right corner and also in the first line. See the image below

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