Loblaws owned grocery stores No Frills are introducing low cost mobile plans. You will be able to pick up pre-paid sim cards at all No Frills locations across the Canada in the next few weeks. These new plans, called No Name Mobile plans, are powered by Loblaw’s PC Mobile service, which has been around since 2005 and runs on Bell Canada’s network. 

No Name Sim cards are available to buy from all the No frills stores located in Canada. Once the sim card is purchased, you can activate your plans through No name’s website or by phone. If you want to keep the track of how much data you have used then download the mobile app. 

No Name gives you extra data as a bonus if you set up automatic credit card payments for your bill like many other Canadian carriers, They call this the ‘Auto Top-Up Bonus.’ Plus, with their plans, you get unlimited calls across Canada, free calls to the U.S., free texting, and features like call display, call forwarding, call waiting, and three-way calling—all included! You can get 5G speed in $29 to $50. 

The data plans are as follows:

No name mobile plans

I believe these plans are the best mobile plans in Canada right now without sacrificing the network quality as these run on bell canada’s network.